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Song lyrics

They say that one shouldn't let the sun go down when one is still angry. The days go by with no return, beloved - let's reconcile while there is still time.

A woman among a million more crying out for someone to hear her aching heart. She stands accused of killing her husband with that unspeakable illness (AIDS), she is alone, and her children are dying.

Sit by my side, let me tell you my story, I am a queen from a foreign land, I loved you without you knowing and you loved me too. This a day to rejoice in each other's love and company.

There is a saying that those who love each other and die before they meet again get to meet in heaven. This is a plea to my beloved aunt to live a little longer because paradise is yet to come. It can wait but I can't wait to see her again.

A promise to our friends on their wedding day. Let's clap, sing and rejoice - we love you, we will always be there for you. May you have children and may your love endure forever.

In Africa a child is raised by a whole community - we are all responsible for each other, a custom not found in Western culture. This is a song to my unborn child, in which I engage all, regardless of culture and custom, to help me raise my child up with love.

Who will be the advocate for the people who live in fear and oppression? Where is the love?

Sometimes we climb mountains and sometimes we walk through valleys. When we hold on long enough we find the light at the end of the tunnel.

When I first learnt that my aunt was still alive after ten years with no news, I thought I was dreaming. 'Dear Auntie, do you remember when we used to visit you and eat guavas all day long?....I want to hold you and make sure I am not dreaming'.

When the time for freedom comes and we have to take risks, we know that we will fall, but will be strong enough to pick ourselves up because life goes on. Instead of being stumbling blocks to others, we need to be stepping stones of encouragement.

If you had only one minute left to live what would you do? I would say a last prayer, say goodbye to my loved ones, my country, and my life - then die in peace and be at one with the earth.

A song written for all black brothers and sisters - past, present and future - struggling for equality and recognition, urging them not to dwell on anger and disappointment but to hold their heads high. The fight goes on ....

A nagging woman has been waiting for her lover to return, continually asking 'How long will I have to wait for you? Will you come back?' Maybe this time she'd rather be unhappy with him than lonely without him.

In April 1994, where were you - when people, young and old, were being butchered and drowning in their own blood?