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The Players

TIM STONE (Acoustic, nylon and electric guitars)

Tim maintains what must surely be the most rigorous practise regime in the profession, and during the recording continually brought new and innovative acoustic guitar techniques to the project. His CV features a long, impressive and diverse list of benficiaries of his talent, and he has made three outstanding solo albums. Visit him and find out more about these at www.timstonemusic.com

RICHARD MARCANGELO (Drums and percussion)

Richard is a drummer, percussionist, composer and producer, and was Martin's first choice to flesh out the rhythmic content of the project, which initially started with Dorothee's djembe grooves. He has a long and impressive CV, and has played live and recorded with a huge variety of "household name" musicians. Although less of a self-promoter than some of the other players, Richard can nevertheless be visited at www.myspace.com/richardmarcangelo

KAZ KASOZI (Bass guitar)

Kaz came to the rescue late in the day and greatly improved several bass parts which Martin had originally played but felt could be done better. Kaz is a prolific natural musician, singing, playing keyboards, guitar or bass, producing and arranging music for other artists and teaching music and music production. When he's not doing this or recording albums he somehow finds the time to make video and multi-media art installations. Visit him at kazkasozimusic.com

ANDREW CRONSHAW (Zither, marovantele, ba-wu and jawharps)

Andrew and Martin connected via the Malagasy group Tarika, for whom Martin co-produced an album and Andrew tour-managed and did live sound during the late 1990's. A multi-instrumentalist with a huge variety of beautiful and diverse instruments and a string of excellent and engaging solo albums, he was a natural fit for the project when the time came to add some "eclectic colouration". Andrew is also a prolific and outstanding world music journalist. Visit him at www.cloudvalley.com/bio.htm

NASHER (Additional guitars)

Best known as guitarist in Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Nasher has also made several excellent solo albums (with which Martin has had a CD mastering involvement) and written a superbly entertaining autobiography. This project was mixed in 5.1 in his studio space, and as well as giving constructive advice and overview as the mixing progressed, he contributed some enhancing guitar work to several of the tracks. Visit him at www.nasher.co.uk

FAITH TATOU (Backing vocals)

Faith is Dorothee's sister, and (as well as singing on the album) provided all of the artwork and photographic images used in the DVD and the packaging. Martin has always had great experiences working with "sibling singers" and Dorothee and Faith, when they sang together, proved to be no exception to this.

PHILIP ACHILLE (Chromatic harmonica on "Godeliva" and "Iteka")

Philip is already one of the world's leading exponents of his instrument. Becoming World Youth Harmonica Champion in 2005 at the age of 16, he received the Tabor Foundation Award at the BBC Young Musician of the Year in 2006, also winning the Starbucks Young Musician contest in the same year. In 2007, he was a featured soloist during the BBC Proms at the Royal Albert Hall. After seeing Philip on television in 2008 playing with the Vienna Symphony Orchestra in the final of the Eurovision Young Musician competition, Martin invited him to play on Dorothee's album. We are very priveleged to have had him participate in the project!

SIMON FIELDER (Didgeridoo on "Akaririmbo")

Simon originally came to Martin's attention via Myspace. Very knowledgable about the natural history and geography of Australia and Aboriginal art and music, he has, amongst his other achievements, taught didgeridoo to the young gentlemen of Eton College. Details of his own CD (as well as his photos of a heron eating a rat!) are to be found at his website, www.sounds-and-images.co.uk

MARTIN O'NEILL (Bodhran on "One Minute")

The "other Martin" on the album. Outstandingly rhythmically aware, he has won the All-Scotland, All-Britain and All-Ireland titles on Bodhrán and is widely recognised as one of today's leading exponents of the instrument. Martin Russell came into contact with when he was playing at HebFest with Dochas and Julie Fowlis. Visit him at www.moneill.co.uk

ANTONIA RUSSELL (Backing vocal on "Njyenyine")

Antonia is Martin's daughter and is thrilled to have made her recording debut on this album.